-“Art is the act of translating emotional contents into one, or more, comprehensible media. Information is not art, communication is.”

Music, films, literature, cartoons, painting, entertainment AND advertising may have the power to make you happy, angry, sad, comfortable, jealous, luscious and so on. When it does, it become relevant. Than it is art.

That is what I do!

For the past 20 years I have been successfully spreading feelings around as a multidisciplinary producer, creative director and consultant working with writing, music and video.

A published author, more than 100.000.000 plays on youtube, 2 B.A.s, works with platinum/Grammy artists, as well as with the most important agencies and brands in the world! A composer with international awards and years experience in some of the most important tv channels and music houses in the world.

If for entertainment, marketing or educational purposes, it doesn’t matter, the focus have always been clear. You can’t be ordinary! You can’t be lazy or superficial! You have to be smart and aware of your options, but always creative enough to surprise and emotionally hijack your audience and transmit the relevant message. I don’t care which medium I am using, but It have to be art, to be memorable!