The blessing of communication


In a time like this when our society is so impregnated by the value of tv, music and advertising we are constantly talking about how important it is for the ones on the receiving end of those communication paths. We rarely talk about how important it is for the writers on a tv show to be able to express themselves. I would get crazy if I could not do my work and it is, intrinsically, not that different.

In a sense we might have grown tired of the extra paths we have to trace to be able to express anything at all. Not to mention how often what we express is not even our own true feelings, or thoughts. It must be hard to be a magazine writer now a days. I have done that for many years, back in Brazil, but I had it easy. My columns were my own! There was even a lovely disclaimer giving a heads up for advertisers: “If this person says something you don’t like, we are not guilty of that!”.

But what if you can’t do that? If you work in a creative industry but is being forced to move along companies, artists, shows or agendas that you do not condone? Does that still counts as creativity?