“I submit without argument to the commands of this watchful, protective force which propels me through life as if I was sleepwalking.”- A. Mucha

In 1996 I started studying Design in one of the most important universities in Brazil. Since then I made the move to music... and back to images and so on, until I realized that the media should not define the message, but the other way around. Artists as Davinci, David Lynch, Jim Carrey, Rob Zombie and Lee Ranaldo were very well aware of that and never allowed their art to be strangled by one particular media choice. In response they got a wide and more profound view of what they wanted to say and how they could do it. I got much happier when I realized that!

On this playlist you will se some of the pieces I had a stronger relationship with in ways other than solely music producing, either as a strategist, writer, creator, creative director or integrated producer.